Forensic Reconstruction courses

In addition to our usual services, and in response to the demand from some Police, concerned about the continual costs of outsourcing, we now provide the software, training and ongoing support for courses which cover body/injury mapping, scene reconstructions and fingerprint and hand orientation.


In house training saves you money, by cutting the cost of outsourcing.


Gain from 18 years continuous experience.


Experience from working on over 600 major crimes.


Save time in court using clear unambiguous graphics.


Courses can be built around current cases, for completion after training.


Full support, meeting deadlines on complex cases.


Maintain standards with hot line support and top up training. Therefore keeping skills updated.


Keep up to date with regularly updated object libraries and manuals provided, for free.


Benefit from our continuous specialised research and development on all our forensic work.

To date we have trained officers in over half of the Police Forces in England and Wales.
The training gives us the opportunity to impart our knowledge and expertise, so that at the end of the course trainees are ready to play an active role on current cases.
Each course includes the software, course manuals, library of related objects and a year's support.
The support includes time for top up training, regular reviews as well as a help hot line.