Scene Reconstruction course

Learn to construct a computer generated, 3 dimensional model of a scene, and use it to display all the evidence in context. See how you can view the scene from any position, negating the need for a site visit during the trial.

The course also takes you through the process of creating a 3 dimensional representation of a crime scene, from survey, drawn and scanned data.

Objects such as doors, windows, furniture, lighting and finishes are provided during the course. They are used to locate blood spatter, footprints, fingerprints and the victims.
The course concludes with an animated walk through the scene reconstruction.
This method of illustration is successfully used in court.
The course includes full training notes, 3 dimensional object library, software and one year's post training support. The post training support includes on site reviews, top up training and a help line.

Go anywhere at the scene with an animated walkthrough and fly around.


All people are colour coded, to clearly show their evidence locations and relationships.


Sanitised manikins are used to illustrate body locations, allowing them to be displayed in court.


Show and identify all evidence concisely in court.


No restriction on the type of reconstructed environment, therefore all crimes scenes can be represented.


Provide a complete service by using in-house surveys, plans and photographs to create 3D scenes.