Body and Injury Mapping course

Illustrate, accurately, the victims injuries by using fully scalable, computer generated, 3 dimensional manikins, with internal organs, veins, arteries, muscles and bones.

The course takes you through the process of reading and understanding medical reports from Pathologists and Doctors. You are shown how to use this information to identify the injuries from the photographs. Using the specialist software, you are shown how to paint bruises onto the skin of the manikins, as well as the different ways that injuries can be depicted, including painting and mapping on photographs of the injuries.

This method of illustration is successfully used in court.
The course includes full training notes, medical reference material, 3 dimensional manikins, software and one year's post training support. The post training support includes on site reviews, top up training and a help line.

Display, accurately, injuries and photographs to scale on fully detailed manikins.


Accurately paint and apply photographs directly onto manikins.


Display relationship between external injuries, bone, muscle and organ damage, to determine knife and bullet trajectories.


All injuries presented for display in court.