Scene Capture / Reconstruction

We not only reconstruct a scene for you, we place you in it, where you can walk through and interact with it, or watch events take place in front of you.

We have developed a system that allows you to interactively move through the scene, stopping at relevant locations, and viewing it in a 360-degree panorama.

Typical scenes range from an existing new scene, to an old cold case scene, and ones destroyed by fire or explosion.

It is essential when presenting a case in court that an accurate model of the scene be created.

We have staff qualified in surveying and architecture, assuring you of our proficiency in capturing scene data.

If you have already captured your scene, our software is able to work with the majority of file formats, so that we can create a detailed model for you.

The methods we employ include working from site dimensions, scene videos and photographs.

“...a tremendous asset, both because of it’s ability to present information in a way videos and photographs could not and it’s ability to present information in a sanitized way.”
Detective Chief Superintendent, Central Scotland Police.

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