Fingerprints & Hand orientation

We have been presenting fingerprint evidence, in court, for almost two decades, using proven methods which maintain the Jury's interest.

How often do you have difficulty understanding and presenting what the fingerprint evidence is telling you?

When presented with a print, it is very useful to see a hand positioned in order to leave the mark.

With the use of our fully articulated, 3 dimensional computer generated hands, it is possible to place the fingers, or palm, over the marks.

You are now able to appreciate how and where the hand was placed when the marks were left.

When more than one person has been involved we have developed a successful system that distinguishes between individuals.

You can view the marks in their true context when they are mapped into a 3 dimensional model of the scene, or onto an object.

With the use of this type of presentation there have been many successful convictions obtained.

“We found Virtual Reconstructions to be extremely helpful in presenting our case and I think they and their technology will be used a lot more in the future.”
Detective Inspector, Bedfordshire Police.

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