Road Traffic Collision

We turn captured scene data into virtual reality where the event can be relived.

Working closely with accident investigators, we have been reconstructing major incidents on the computer, for presentation in court.

We are able to move the work on to the next stage, where cases warrant greater detail and analysis.

Our software accepts digital survey data from total station data capture equipment such as Topcon and Trimble etc.

Using this 3 dimensional data we build you a 3 dimensional model of the scene.

We build very realistic scenes with realistic weather conditions, which include street furniture, surrounding buildings and foliage.

Our extensive library of vehicles enables you to realistically reconstruct the events leading up to, during and after the incident.

You are able to view the reconstruction from any viewpoint, including driver and passenger positions, and any other witnesses.

This advanced method of presentation assists investigators and the court, in understanding the circumstances surrounding a serious incident.

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