We have taken mapping a step further. As well as displaying raw data, they are interactive.

Most maps are used to display telephony data, CCTV locations, routes taken, key addresses and movements of suspects.

Interactive maps enable you to link movements of a vehicle or person along a route so that at key places either photographs or video footage is shown.

Particularly useful when linking a route with sightings from CCTV cameras.

The permutations are endless.

Mapping in all its manifestations is essential to a case presentation and as such has been successfully used in court on numerous occasions.

Our high quality maps are used as part of a complete package where they accompany others products from our range of services

“This was a large and emotive inquiry due to the victim’s young age and the level of violence used, which had a major impact on the local community. Your expertise and professionalism greatly enhanced the prosecution case, which helped secure the convictions for this evil crime.”
Detective Superintendent, South Wales Police.

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