Case Presentation (EPE)

Complex cases presented using new technology not only speeds up the use of court time but has led to early guilty pleas.

Compile your case material such as statements, exhibits, audio, video, photographs, plans, images etc onto an interactive media such as CD-ROM or DVD.

You are able view the relationships between blood distribution, fingerprints, footprints and DNA together in the context of the scene.

When used in court the judge and jury fully understand the key issues, reducing the need for paperwork engulfing the courtroom.

Many courts are equipped to present cases using technology. Where courts are not setup we will provide you with the necessary equipment.

A case presented at the Old Bailey, scheduled for 6 weeks, lasted a few days when the defendants pleaded guilty having appreciated the weight of evidence against them.

“It is fair to say that the DVD was very impactive and both prosecution and defence counsel agree that it was the main contributing factor in obtaining early guilty pleas.”
Detective Inspector, Lincolnshire Police.

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