Witness viewpoints

We can place you in the scene, at a witness location, whilst you watch an event take place.

There may be occasions where you are unsure of the validity of a witness’s account.

By standing in the scene viewing the events from their location you can check their account for accuracy.

Where you have a lot of witnesses who all see the same event, we can help you establish what it is they are seeing.

An example of this was when a suspect was seen running down a road, fleeing from an assault. We were able to clarify the event by establishing who was who, identifying the suspect. Once he was identified his movements were plotted and clearly presented for court. Interactive animated sequences are prepared for court. These show the witnesses moving on a map. At key points it is possible to activate an interactive button that brings up other animations such as the view from the activated location, or the view from CCTV.

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