We will display your body in Court, without causing undue distress to those who will look at it.

Present the injuries in court despite being unable to show the photographs.

You will not diminish the impact of a brutal attack or murder.

Our 3 dimensional computer generated manikins, have skin, bones, internal organs and arteries.

They are aged and sized to suit the characteristics of the body to be displayed

They can be manipulated into any position replicating the circumstances of your case.

Injuries and wounds are shown in such a manner as to portray them as realistic as possible, without the need to show the photographs.

Working closely with the experts we assist them in presenting their findings to court.

Not only do the experts recommend the use of our services, but barristers and judges do too.

“'Extensive use was made during the trial of the booklet you produced. It was used by the pathologist throughout his evidence and was also used at the suggestion of counsel by other witnesses.”
Detective Chief Inspector, Lancashire Constabulary

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