We have considerable experience in graphically displaying incidents involving knives, swords and machetes.

A stabbing is often difficult to understand in terms of what happened.

Where was the victim when stabbed, and where was the person doing the stabbing?

Witness statements can be verified.

You are able to see the stab wounds plotted through the body, using our body mapping service and the weapon can be modelled and depicted in the wounds.

It is possible to place the injured person in relation to the person holding the weapon.

Working with the pathologist or surgeon it is possible to view the stabbing when it occurred.

When placed in a 3 dimensional reconstruction of the scene, it is possible to view the stabbing in the context of the scene.

In certain circumstances it has been possible to ascertain the most likely sequence of events.

“'I would say that the technology used by Virtual Reconstrructions is going to get a bigger profile in the Police work, but not only for court presentation and investigations, it has great potential for training.”
Detective Inspector, Hampshire Constabulary.

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