Shooting & Ballistics

We have been presenting ballistic evidence in court since 1994.

We can help you establish where the victim and suspect were placed at the time of the shooting.

Witness statements can be verified.

When bullet trajectories are plotted through the body, using our body mapping service, we can place the injured person in relation to the person firing the gun.

Working with the pathologist, surgeon and ballistics expert, it is often possible to view the shooting at the time each shot was fired.

When placed in a 3 dimensional reconstruction of the scene you can view the shooting in the context of that scene.

Bullet damage to furniture and walls etc will have a more meaningful significance.

In certain circumstances it has been possible to ascertain the most likely sequence of events.

When presented in front of your team the whole case becomes easier to understand. This has been particularly true when presented in court in front of a judge and jury.

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