Child abuse

We have successfully presented this type of evidence in Court, whilst respecting the delicate and sensitive nature of the case.

You can present injuries in a sanitised way that is clear and precise.

The nature of your case is easily understood in court, without the distress of showing all of the photographs or videos.

Our 3 dimensional computer generated manikins are specially designed to represent babies and children, depicting their injuries in a sanitised form.

You can test the explanations of how the injuries occurred by placing the manikin in a 3 dimensional space, such as a kitchen, saving the child the trauma of having to relive the incident.

Where there is a history of abuse we are able to indicate the chronology of the injuries.

We have developed an animated sequence, using our manikins, to illustrate the complex issues of ‘Shaken baby syndrome’.

Our work in this field has been used in Court, with successful convictions being achieved.

‘'The attention to detail was greatly assisted by your professionalism and the presentation of your evidence at court was first class, the judge passed comment on the professionalism of your evidence in court.’'
Detective Superintendent, Wiltshire Constabulary.

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