Virtual Reconstructions, the originators of Forensic Reconstructions in the United Kingdom, established in 1996, setting the standard that others can only follow.

In 1994 the managing director, Andrew Postlethwaite, was the first person in the United Kingdom to take computer generated reconstructions into court, where it was admitted as evidence, withstanding a vigorous challenge from defence.

He appears in court as an Expert Witness on a regular basis.

We have become part of the legal process and used in more and more cases, as requested not only by the Police, but by CPS, Barristers and Judges.

Building on our success, we employ a team of retired Detectives who have practical, major incident experience, offering a unique, complete package, to our clients which includes Consultancy Services, Data Capture, Reconstructions and Court Presentations.

With our unique experience we have not only moved with the times but have been instrumental in the changes.

When you work with us you are calling upon our experience in this field, a Service you will not get from any other organisation of this type.

'''From my experience I think that this sort of technique is definitely going to become much more widespread, both in court and in investigations.''
Detective Superintendent, Humberside Police

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